Lakeside Development Meeting update & video

Alderman Holmes, Alderman Pope, and McCaffery Interests held an update meeting on the Lakeside Development on May 13, 2014.  More than 100 local area folks attended, including representation from Reclaiming South Shore for All.

In our opinion, it was clearly a dog-and-pony type performance by McCaffery’s Senior Project Manager, Mr. Dan McCaffery, Alds. Holmes and Pope and a “community representative” who is involved in the project. They didn’t offer much in the way of substantive current news on progress of the project.

It was clear that none of them support the ideas promoted by the grassroots Coalition for a Lakefront Community Benefits Agreement. It looks like a business-as-usual approach between the elected officials and the private developer. For example, Mr. McCaffery said that he and the aldermen are meeting with commercial businesses, such as Target, about buying into the project. However, he said he wouldn’t name any other names, and indeed plans to keep the details secret.

Therefore, it appears that the Coalition has a very steep hill to climb to get any consideration for a CBA driven by community residents.  Be sure to let your alderman know where you stand!
If you missed the meeting and would like to view it, a video is available online and embedded after the jump.

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