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We call for a Comprehensive & Collaborative Planning Process for South Shore!

We have started a petition calling for a comprehensive & collaborative planning process for South Shore.

We are a group of South Shore neighbors who have come together in response to 5th Ward Alderman Leslie Hairston’s proposed down-zoning of 71st Street. This proposal has not been publicly discussed, and we believe it will have a negative impact on much-needed economic development. We are also troubled by 7th Ward Alderman Mitchell’s proposed ordinance, which would give aldermen sweeping veto power over all business licenses. We don’t believe these approaches are the right way to address the challenges facing our commercial districts.

There is a more constructive way forward: a comprehensive & collaborative planning process, guided by a qualified planning organization, to discuss and shape the future direction of development. With so much changing so quickly just to our north, those of us who live in South Shore now have a historic opportunity to make decisions about the future of the neighborhood – before those decisions are made for us.

What You Can Do

Please visit our homepage to learn more about our concerns and proposal. (See this post for a detailed overview of our concerns about the down-zoning proposal.)

If you agree, please sign the petition to show your support – and share it with your friends and neighbors!

Sign the Petition

Stay Connected

We are committed to a productive public conversation about these issues. Updates will be shared online at southshoreforall.org/updates and in the Reclaiming South Shore for All Facebook group.

We expect that upcoming events will provide a forum for discussion of these issues as well, beginning with a special edition of Exchange Ideas scheduled for Wednesday, May 17, 6pm at ABJ Community Sevices (1818 E. 71st St.) We hope you’ll join us.

Email the organizers directly with questions, concerns, or to get involved at info@southshoreforall.org.

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