Notice: Reclaiming South Shore for All is not an active organization at this time. This website remains up as an archive of its past activities. There is still an active Facebook group.

Reclaiming South Shore for All is a diverse, grassroots group of residents committed to mobilizing and strengthening the South Shore (Chicago) community by institutionalizing systems that promote peace, economic development, community revitalization, and leadership development. We are committed to ensuring that the neighborhood is led by actively engaged and accountable public officials who work in partnership with South Shore constituents to ensure a safe, secure, vibrant, and economically-thriving community.

Principles of Engagement

  • We believe everyone who lives in South Shore and is invested in building a positive community should have a voice in deciding the future of the neighborhood and decisions made by public officials.
  • We believe in affirming the voice and contributions of all members of our community, regardless of race, gender, income, sexual orientation, ability, age, faith/religion and other identities.
  • We believe in a spirit and practice of volunteerism.
  • We are committed to:
    • Consensus-based decision making
    • Collective leadership
    • Taking actions that strengthen our community
  • We are committed to celebrating, respecting and honoring our community

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