Petition for a Comprehensive Planning Process for South Shore

To: 5th Ward Alderman Leslie Hairston; 7th Ward Alderman Gregory Mitchell; 8th Ward Alderman Michelle Harris

From: 5th, 7th & 8th Ward Residents

Like you, we know the challenges facing our commercial districts: vacancy, problem businesses, safety concerns, and a lack of needed businesses. However, we do not support the unprecedented proposals to down-zone 71st Street and give Aldermen veto power over all business licenses.

  • These proposals and their consequences have not been publicly debated.
  • They provide no new tools to fight existing problem businesses.
  • No successful commercial corridors are zoned residential.
  • Entrepreneurs are unlikely to start a business in a place where they must seek a zoning change – an expensive, time-consuming, and uncertain task.
  • Ultimately, this means fewer desirable businesses and new jobs for our community.

Instead of these proposed ordinances, we request a comprehensive and collaborative planning process for South Shore. Residents, business owners, and elected officials should work together, with a qualified planning agency, to map the collective aspirations of the community. A plan will clarify the approaches to development that we would like to see, and is a necessary tool for everyone seeking to lift up South Shore.

With the Obama Presidential Library and other developments quickly approaching, we have a unique opportunity to get economic development right. Let’s plan South Shore’s future together!

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Want to help circulate paper petitions to your friends and neighbors? Download and print the signature sheet here. Please return completed sheets by scan/photo to or drop them off in person to The Planning Coalition at 1809 E. 71st Street, Suite 202.

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