The Proposal to Down-Zone 71st Street: What You Need to Know

South Shore’s commercial corridors need help! We all know the problems:

  • Vacancy
  • Problem businesses
  • Safety concerns
  • Lack of grocery stores, restaurants, and other desired businesses

Our Aldermen are proposing sweeping, unprecedented solutions to these problems:

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  • 5th Ward Ald. Leslie Hairston wants to down-zone the entire 71st Street commercial corridor to allow only residential use.
  • 7th Ward Ald. Greg Mitchell wants to give Aldermen power to approve or deny all business licenses in their wards for any reason.

These proposals have not been debated in the community. They do not give our Aldermen new tools to fight existing problem businesses. Urban planners and watchdog organizations agree that they will have a negative impact on economic development.

  • No successful commercial corridor carries residential zoning.
  • Potential business owners may avoid locating in a residential-zoned corridor.
  • Potential new businesses will have to seek re-zoning in order to open.
  • Re-zoning is an expensive, uncertain, and time-consuming process.

This ultimately means fewer new businesses and fewer jobs in our community.

We call for more democracy – and a comprehensive and collaborative planning process. With the support of a qualified planning agency, current residents of South Shore can map out our future vision for the community. With so many big changes coming, we have a unique opportunity to define the future – before someone else defines it for us.

Now is the time to make your voice heard. Together, we can build a better 71st Street!

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SHARE this information with your friends and neighbors:

ATTEND the 5th Ward Meeting: Tuesday June 27th, 6pm, La Rabida Children’s Hospital (6501 S. Promontory Dr.)

TELL the Aldermen: No to down-zoning on 71st and Yes to a comprehensive planning process!

REPORT nuisance businesses to 3-1-1. These calls help Aldermen fight problem businesses.

DOWNLOAD, print, and share the factsheet about 71st Street with your friends and neighbors.

STAY INFORMED by following our posts at and in the Reclaiming South Shore for All Facebook group. See this post for a detailed overview of our concerns about down-zoning.

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